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ASTON/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income Fund

CUSIP 00080Y56100080Y553
Share Class Inception 7/18/20117/18/2011
Gross Exp Ratio (%) 1.050.80
Net Exp Ratio (%) 0.940.69
30 Day Yield (01/31/15) 3.69 3.95
NAV Change (%) 0.21 0.23
Dividend Frequency Monthly
Benchmark Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond
Morningstar Category Intermediate-Term Bond

Overall Morningstar Rating

ASTON/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income  Shares received a Morningstar rating.

Among 913 Intermediate-Term Bond funds derived from a weighted average of the Fund’s 3-, 5- and 10-year risk-adjusted returns as of 1/31/15.

Portfolio Managers

Jeffrey  Gundlach
Jeffrey Gundlach

Jeffrey Gundlach

Jeffrey  Gundlach

Co-founder, CEO and Principal
Mr. Gundlach has 28 years of investment experience. He holds a BA from Dartmouth College in Mr. Gundlach is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of DoubleLine. He was formerly associated with TCW where he was Chief Investment Officer and head of fixed income activities. He is recognized as a leading expert1 in mortgage-backed securities and investment asset allocation. His investment strategies have been featured in leading publications including The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune, Pensions & Investments and Institutional Investor. In 2010, Mr. Gundlach was named to the SmartMoney Power 30 , one of the seventeen most influential people by The Mutual Fund Wire and “Fund Leader of the Year” by Fund Action. In 2011, he was featured as “The King of Bonds” in Barron’s, named one of “5 Mutual Fund All-Stars” by Fortune Magazine and named “Bond Manager of the Year” by Foundations and Endowments Money Management. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College summa cum laude holding a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy. He attended Yale University as a PhD candidate in Mathematics.

Philip  Barach
Philip Barach

Philip Barach

Philip  Barach

Mr. Barach is co‐founder and President of DoubleLine. Prior to DoubleLine, Mr. Barach was Co‐Founder and Group Managing Director of the TCW Mortgage Group where he spent over 23 years. He has over 32 years of fixed income investment experience. Before joining TCW, Mr. Barach was Senior Vice President of Chief Investments for Sun Life Insurance Company in Los Angeles, where he was responsible for the asset/liability management of the firm and oversight and management of the company’s $5 billion investment portfolio. Previously, he served as Principal Fixed Income Officer for the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), the largest pension plan in the country. In that capacity, he was responsible for managing the fixed income portion of the fund which was 100% internally managed. Mr. Barach was heavily involved in the creation of the collateralized mortgage obligations (CMO) while at CalPERS, he oversaw the issuance of one of the first private label CMO using the retirement system’s MBS portfolio. He attended the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he received a BA in International Relations and an MBA in Finance.

Bonnie Baha, CFA, CIC
Bonnie Baha, CFA, CIC

Bonnie Baha, CFA, CIC

Bonnie Baha, CFA, CIC

Portfolio Manager, Global Developed Credit
Ms. Baha has 27 years of investment experience. She holds a BA in Political Science from University of California at Irvine and received her MBA from University of Southern California.

Luz Padilla
Luz Padilla

Luz Padilla

Luz Padilla

Portfolio Manager, Emerging Markets Fixed Income
Ms. Padilla has 19 years of investment experience. She holds a BA in Economics from Stanford University and a MBA from University of California at Berkeley.

Investment Strategy As of 12/31/2014 the average price of the Fund's portfolio was $101.50.

The ASTON/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income Fund to maximize total return and control risk through security selection and by actively managing sector allocations.

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The Fund seeks to maximize total return.

Risk Considerations

Bond funds are subject to interest-rate and credit risk similar to individual bonds. As interest-rates rise or credit quality suffers, an investor is susceptible to loss of principal. 

Fund Stats (as of 12/31/14) N SharesI Shares
Origin Of Information N/AN/A
Sales Load NoneNone
Total Net Assets (2/27/15)$55,337,193.05$238,230,764.03
Turnover 117%117%
Minimum Investment N/AN/A
Alpha (3 yr.) 1.661.87
Beta (3 yr.) 1.121.14
R-Squared (3 yr.) 80.6181.35
Standard Dev (3 yr.) 3.343.38
Sharpe Ratio (3 yr.) 1.371.43
Current Wtd Average P/E (trailing) N/AN/A
Current Wtd Average P/B (trailing) N/AN/A
Median Mkt Cap ($Mil) N/AN/A
Average Wtd Coupon 4.604.60
Effective Maturity 6.606.60
Sector Breakdown (as of 1/31/15)
Mortgage-backed Securities
Corporate Bonds
U.s. Government Obligations
Emerging Markets
Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities
Cash Equivalents & Other
Collateralized Loan Obligations
Bank Loans
Top 10 Holdings (as of 1/31/15)
CompanyTickerCUSIPNumber of SharesMarket Value% of Net Assets
UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE/BOND 912828WE6 5,370,000 $5,875,956.03 2.05%
UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE/BOND 912828VD9 5,500,000 $5,503,976.50 1.92%
FANNIE MAE REMICS 3136ALML2 5,037,593 $4,886,128.52 1.71%
FANNIE MAE REMICS 3136AB6E8 5,060,025 $4,813,503.16 1.68%
FREDDIE MAC REMICS 3137BADW9 4,533,428 $4,746,459.26 1.66%
DOUBLELINE FLOATING RATE FUND DBFRX 258620848 468,861 $4,693,301.88 1.64%
CSMC TRUST 2013-IVR4 12647GBF4 4,587,153 $4,635,607.14 1.62%
RALI SERIES 2006-QS7 TRUST 748940AB9 5,442,266 $4,585,000.82 1.60%
UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE/BOND 912828A83 4,290,000 $4,539,356.25 1.59%
UNITED STATES TREASURY NOTE/BOND 912828WC0 4,400,000 $4,502,779.60 1.57%
Past performance does not guarantee future results. Investment return and principal value of mutual funds will vary with market conditions, so that shares, when redeemed, may be worth more or less than their original cost.

As the fund is actively managed, the securities as presented may not represent the current or future composition of the portfolio.

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