Jeffrey Gundlach 

Lead Portfolio Manager

The Fund’s lead portfolio manager is Jeffrey Gundlach, founder and Chief Executive Officer of DoubleLine. Mr. Gundlach is recognized as a leader in fixed income investment and asset allocation. Morningstar nominated Mr. Gundlach for Fixed Income Manager of the Year for multiple years, and he won the award in 2006. In 2009, he was nominated by Morningstar for Fixed Income Manager of the Decade. In 2010, Mr. Gundlach was named to the SmartMoney Power 30. Fund Action named him Fund Leader of the Year for 2010. He is a graduate of Dartmouth College summa cum laude holding a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy. He attended Yale University as a PhD candidate in Mathematics.

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DoubleLine Capital LP, is an independent, employee owned asset management firm specializing in proven solutions to Core Fixed Income, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Global Developed Credit, Emerging Markets and Global Asset Allocation. DoubleLine Capital LP was founded to offer investment services under a cardinal mandate: striving to deliver better risk-adjusted returns. Senior members of the investment team strive to effectively manage risk and have worked together for over two decades.

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Introducing ASTON/DoubleLine Core Plus Fixed Income Fund

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Join Jeffrey Gundlach, lead portfolio manager of the ASTON/Doubleline Core Plus Fixed Income Fund
as he discusses:


• Investment strategy 
• Portfolio positioning 
• Fixed income market review


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Note: Bond funds are subject to interest-rate and credit risk similar to individual bonds. As interest-rates rise or credit quality suffers, an investor is susceptible to loss of principal. Additional financial instruments that the Fund may use, including high-yield bonds, foreign bonds, and derivatives, are subject to additional risks. Additionally, asset-backed/mortgage-backed securities risk, call risk and emerging market risk are principal risks associated with investment in the fund.

Morningstar award criteria:  The Manager of the Decade award is not just about returns.  Morningstar considers the risks assumed to achieve those results and take into account the strength of the manager, strategy, and firm's stewardship. When selecting the Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year award winners, Morningstar looks for managers: Who have made a lot of money for a lot of investors over a long period of time, and who also had a good calendar year.  Who have blazed a trail with original research and who stick to their strategies through thick and thin.  Who are good stewards, putting fundholders' interests first rather than trying to extract every last penny from shareholders.

SmartMoney Power 30 criteria:  Each year the SmartMoney staff digs through their notes, a year's worth of clips and the far reaches of the Web, and interviews dozens of executives, analysts and investors. The result is a list of men and women to watch in the coming year, the people whose actions will signal or even cause changes in everything from the money supply and Medicare to the Nasdaq.

Fund Action award criteria:  The Fund Leader of the Year is awarded to an individual who has made a key impact on their firm or the industry as a whole, through an innovative concept, directive or product that reverberated throughout the market.  

Investors should consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Fund carefully before investing. Please call 800 597-9704 for a prospectus which contains this and other information about the Fund. Read it carefully before you invest or send money. Aston Funds are distributed by BNY Mellon Distributors Inc.